The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in workplace: a benefit or a risk? European Workplace Drug Testing Society, London, 8th-10th May 2019.

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

When drug testing is being considered or used within a workplace, many people need to understand the process: Employees and their representatives; Human Resources; Occupational Health; Risk Assessors; Compliance Officers; Lawyers (for the company and for the employees); Drug Counseling and Treatment Providers.

Much of their interest focuses on the way testing is carried out. Workplace Drug Testing involves three link stages – collecting the specimen, analysing the specimen and interpreting the results of the analysis.

The EWDTS brings together the users and providers of these services, plus the equipment suppliers.

The EWTDS provides a focal point for the exchange of ideas and information:

  1. Concerns and misunderstandings can be discussed and resolved.
  2. European and other reguatory issues can be explored against the background of different cultural and legal expectations.
  3. New technical developments can be evaluated in conjunction with the people who have to deal with the practical application of workplace policies.